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Shadow Creation Services
Shadow Creation Services

Shadow Creation Services

Shadow Creation Services is the procedure of creating a shadow for a reorganized image. It is an application of Photoshop that boosts the photo. Shadow creation on a photograph actually creates an illusion that the image appears as it is standing or casting a shadow over the background of its own.
Photoshop Shadow Creation Services is one of the most important and popular Photo Editing Services for product display. There are some products which look scarce, unattractive & unusual in their naked, raw, and wild format. To improve the quality of such types of photos, adding shadow and/or create 3D effects is used.
Generally, natural shadow, reflection shadow, drop shadow or original shadow is applied to product images such as clothing items (shirt, T-shirt, lingerie, pants, etc.), product items (book, pen, mobile, wallet, flat items, table, cloth, simple ring, flat chain, earring, various jewelry, etc.) Apart from product photos, shadows can be applied to natural images, interior, and exterior photos, model photography, group images.

Photoshop Shadow Creation Services

Every visible Subject or Object has a shadow under the light. Products or models look odd on the images without shadow. So shadow plays an important role in showcasing the images. Without shadow products and models look like floating on the air. By using Adobe Photoshop we can create a shadow for an image.
While creating shadows on products or models for display, we perform couple of Photo Editing techniques, viz. remove or change background of the product (using clipping path or image masking), clean distractions and noises, retouch & enhance the photo, bring out the best color with color correction, & finally apply the best shadowing strategy to give the product a natural shape and look. In many product photographs, the natural shadow of products is created by studio lighting, perspective, etc. And some customers want to retain the shadow for the 3D look to their image. So, while removing product background, we make soft shadow and/or keep the natural shadow unchanged. The Product Photo Shadow Creation Services can be used for various media including, e-commerce sites & stores, websites, product catalogs, brochures, digital media ads, magazine ads & print media, etc.

Photoshop Shadow Creation Services
Photoshop Shadow Creation

Type Of Photoshop Shadow Creation

  • Drop Shadow: Photoshop Drop shadow Creation Service is very essential in digital images for a fresh and authentic look. Drop shadow is created artificially and is always below or under the product. The drop shadow is most commonly used in e-commerce for a more realistic look of products. Photoshop drop shadow can be produced by using Photoshop filters.
  • Natural shadow: It gives the image natural looks by artificial shadow creation. In some product or model photos, background surface does not reflect in the bottom area during the photography. In those cases, the natural shadow is applied to get quality 3D product photo. As a result, products increase a lot of attractiveness and enticing to customers.
  • Soft Shadow: Principally this sort is said to drop shadow, however, there has some distinction just like the length of the shadow on drop shadow length of shadow are larger than the soft shadow.
  • Mirror and Reflection Shadow: Reflection is a type of shadow which displays the mirror reflection of the product itself, it also is known as a mirror effect. It reflects all or part of the image as it is located on a mirror/glass surface. The depth of the shadow can be adjusted to give a fading effect. Example- plastic bottle, glass bottles, medicine products, ceramic products, electronic equipment (such as- ovens, TVs, mobiles, etc.).
  • Original Shadow: Full image shadow is shown by the result of sunshine .as it is created by the result of sunshine .so it is referred to as the natural shadow. Sometimes, products shadow may dim because of the photo shoot, background, lighting problem or other issues. As a result, the photo looks unrealistic. Then original shadow is used to maintain the realistic look of products in images.

Why you need Shadow Creation Services

  • You will get more business proposal
  • It will increase the high sales rate for your product
  • Gives more professional view for a product
  • Chance to convert website visitors into a buyer
  • Quick way to reach your customer by this promotion
  • Boosting your product as more compare with simple visible
  • Build your Brand
  • To comply with Amazon or E-bay product photo guidelines
  • Give more proposal for magazine and newspaper designers, catalog creators and for the entire photography service providers
  • Customer’s get the real view of the products
  • A Drop shadow can add a 3D look to your image
  • Increase clients attention and ultimate sales
  • Remove unwanted shadow from the raw image

Shadow Creation Services Required For

  • For e-commerce product background
  • To use a uniform background on jewelry images
  • To smooth the edge
  • To cut out unwanted objects
  • To draw attention towards your jewelry items
  • In photo restoration services
  • In drop shadow making services
  • To make glittering jewelry retouch
  • For replacement objects in images
  • To make mirror/ reflection shadow
  • To separate objects from image
  • To make perfect photo masking
  • To make ghost mannequin of your products
  • To modify/remove background from image